Bahias de Huatulco Language School


The most effective way to learn a foreign language is through total immersion. Our program offers you the ideal way to experience and gain appreciation for the Mexican culture while enjoying the beautiful and relaxed atmosphere of the sunny beaches of Huatulco.

Our "Classes without walls" let you enjoy the beautiful beaches of Huatulco while studying Spanish. You will visit restaurants, shops, and the market place. You will have an opportunity to stay a Coffee Plantation high in the beautiful mountains.

Huatulco is a small, friendly, Mexican resort area. The primary language is Spanish. The local residents will enjoy getting to know you so it will give you the opportunity to practice your Spanish.


Course Information

  • Conversational Spanish
  • Advanced grammar.
  • Special projects and credits can be designed
Class Information
  • Private lessons available
    • Study along the pool-side of your favorite resort hotel.
  • Special rates for groups
  • All language instructors speak native Spanish.

Other Information

Medical attention is available with referrals to English speaking doctors and dentists. It is easy to access the clinics and hospital services.

If you are interested in enrolling a group and want to tour Mexico at the same time we can help you design your program.

Costs may be tax deductible.


Lodging Options

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